National Saturday club exhibition 17/6/17

Today we had a day trip with Saturday club to London to view their work in the exhibition at Somerset house. We traveled by train at 8am and were home for 7.30pm. It was a long hot day but one enjoyed by all.  The visit included a presentation by Founder Sir John Sorrell and Lady Sorrell where all ambassador’s were also given a certificate for their contribution to the Saturday clubs. I got to meet him briefly where h handed me my certificate and said ‘without volunteers like me these Saturday clubs wouldn’t happen and thanked me’. I felt really privileged and humbled to have been able to help out and have had so much fun doing it. I hope to carry on helping out next year if possible. I have got so much out of it.

After the exhibition we went out side and in true spirit of the day and the end of another year for the Saturday club it was time to run around and get each other wet.

The Saturday club also had a chance to exhibit their work in our college exhibition and were given some art materials purchased with the money that was made during the festival of making .  I know my daughters are seriously thinking about what they want to do in the future and the Saturday club has helped to expand their options. They were blown away with the work they looked at in the exhibition.




Final major project completed for exhibition.

I had to hang up the rest of the fabric I purchased from York Market with the paper clip. and blackout the windows again using gaffer tape before I could setup my sculpture.

First of all we tried to see what the sculptures would look like in the main exhibition space and used some spotlights on it although it looked good I felt that the blacked out room would look better.

I also experimented further using my original sculpture’s in the space on a plinth. They looked good but I still wanted to try my larger sculptures.

I then moved the sculptures into the blacked out room I placed them on a black piece of material I had left over and then I felt they needed some height so I used the plinth and placed it on its side with the fabric.

I then had to find a way to secure the piece because although it stood up it couldn’t be left as it had fallen and it wouldn’t be a good idea to leave it to fall mid exhibition.

I approached Ollie who gave me a stapler but because of the weight and thickness of some of the wire the staples wouldn’t work. It was suggested that screws would work but I really didn’t want to use screws that could be seen and I felt they would be seen, so Ollie found some black screws that against the black fabric covered plinth couldn’t be seen so I was really happy with that. To further stabilise the sculpture I used fishing wire and paperclips securing from the top of the sculpture’s to the ceiling.  I am really happy with it so far but just have to wait in hope that everything is ok with the audio and visual projection.

I visited my exhibition piece on the day of the exhibition and the Audio had been set up and I was really happy with it but I felt their was still something lacking. I was mostly disappointed with the way the projector would not reach all of the sculpture and there was no way of enlarging it or moving it further back.

I went to see Brian I thought perhaps I could use a  second projector and project the same image underneath. ”Twin projections onto Twin sculptures’. Brian wasn’t sure this could be done and said he would bring another projector over to see if we can get a larger image onto the sculpture. I was disappointed but was pleased that there maybe another solution.  Brian came over and had decided to try to link the two projectors together as he realised that there is an output socket on the projector but couldn’t guarantee it would work as he had never done it before.  Lucky for me it did work and I was over the moon with the result.

I am so happy with what I have achieved for my FMP I don’t think I could have done anymore.




Charles Hadcock Master class with Saturday club.

I had the chance to revisit the Charles Hadcock studio with the Saturday club.

Charles was very welcoming and  we got the chance to see his new pieces of work he had made since my last visit. They were amazing… Charles talked through the moulds and processes he uses and answered questions as we went a long. It was lovely to see the enthusiasm of the Saturday club, they really enjoyed it and he even engaged with them in selfies.

Update work plan 12/6/17




















Assessment Unit 7 Submit work. Hang Exhibition

Submit blog link, submission pack (including authentication form, work plan, proposal, evaluation and bibliography)

Purchase materials for exhibition space.

Print off Assessment package

Organise exhibition shop finish exhibition space.

Saturday club masterclass with Charles Hadcock.

Finish exhibition space, meet with Tutors to talk about what I am exhibiting and where.

Problem solve unsteady sculpture’s.

Fad Media Viewing at 1.30pm








Gaffer Tape and Black Material.




London Trip with Saturday club for their exhibition.

Set up projector and Audio when it arrives.


  21/6/17 Opening Night. Exhibition Private View 21/6/17 Stays open for 2 weeks. Possibly work in the FAD shop.



26/6/17 –





Await a date for Assessment results

And come in to receive them.