Final major project completed for exhibition.

I had to hang up the rest of the fabric I purchased from York Market with the paper clip. and blackout the windows again using gaffer tape before I could setup my sculpture.

First of all we tried to see what the sculptures would look like in the main exhibition space and used some spotlights on it although it looked good I felt that the blacked out room would look better.

I also experimented further using my original sculpture’s in the space on a plinth. They looked good but I still wanted to try my larger sculptures.

I then moved the sculptures into the blacked out room I placed them on a black piece of material I had left over and then I felt they needed some height so I used the plinth and placed it on its side with the fabric.

I then had to find a way to secure the piece because although it stood up it couldn’t be left as it had fallen and it wouldn’t be a good idea to leave it to fall mid exhibition.

I approached Ollie who gave me a stapler but because of the weight and thickness of some of the wire the staples wouldn’t work. It was suggested that screws would work but I really didn’t want to use screws that could be seen and I felt they would be seen, so Ollie found some black screws that against the black fabric covered plinth couldn’t be seen so I was really happy with that. To further stabilise the sculpture I used fishing wire and paperclips securing from the top of the sculpture’s to the ceiling.  I am really happy with it so far but just have to wait in hope that everything is ok with the audio and visual projection.

I visited my exhibition piece on the day of the exhibition and the Audio had been set up and I was really happy with it but I felt their was still something lacking. I was mostly disappointed with the way the projector would not reach all of the sculpture and there was no way of enlarging it or moving it further back.

I went to see Brian I thought perhaps I could use a  second projector and project the same image underneath. ”Twin projections onto Twin sculptures’. Brian wasn’t sure this could be done and said he would bring another projector over to see if we can get a larger image onto the sculpture. I was disappointed but was pleased that there maybe another solution.  Brian came over and had decided to try to link the two projectors together as he realised that there is an output socket on the projector but couldn’t guarantee it would work as he had never done it before.  Lucky for me it did work and I was over the moon with the result.

I am so happy with what I have achieved for my FMP I don’t think I could have done anymore.






I have been researching presentation methods used by projection artists but haven’t really thought about the presentation of the wire sculpture and weather I will need to purchase a low stage like plinth. I have had a look at some of the websites that make them to have an idea of how much one may cost or to look at alternative ideas on Pinterest. I also need to find a way to display the photo book for people to look at.

Spruce Ply plinth 20H x 80W x 80D cm SALE


Preparing my exhibition space

Because I am hoping to project onto my wire sculptures as I did in my experimentation and need a dark space,  it was suggested that I have my own space in a room off the corridor for the greatest effect. I was given the Plaster room. Unfortunately this meant I have had to wait to be able to use the space as it was still being used by students all over college and the Saturday club. On the 25/5/17 I was finally allowed to transform the space into my exhibition space and this was going to be a difficult task. The room is full of equipment, dust, plaster and tables, with some help we stacked the tables and moved the furniture and plaster equipment to the sides and back of the room.  I then got on my hands and knees and broke the dried plaster with a hammer and scrubbed the dried plaster from the floor ready for the cleaners to use their polisher on the floor over the weekend.

because I want my room to be as dark as possible I blacked out the windows with cardboard and masking tape and was given some black Fabric to hang somehow and hide the stuff behind. I measured from floor to ceiling how long I would need the material.

Removing the ceiling tiles I had to find a way to hang the pieces of fabric. I thought I would try using paper clips as the fabric was easy to pierce.

When the fabric was put up next to each other it would separate so I used masking tape to hold it together. I don’t think this will be strong enough to hold it as the heat from the projector may cause it to unstick so I will need to purchase some Gaffer tape as this will be much stronger.

I need to purchase some more material. It was unfortunate that the Fabric only cut four lengths when I need six. The paper clips seemed to work so I am happy with that.

Paige and Taylor, Wire sculptures.

I hope to recreate this Handstand as a wire sculpture.

firstly I drew around the girls on separate large pieces of paper and took some measurements. Using the drawings I begun to shape the outline of their form with the wire starting with the feet, hands, arms and Legs.

I then moved on to parts of the body like the hips, pelvis and buttocks.

and then the Torso and attached the Arms and legs and lastly the neck head and hair.

for the face I drew around the front of the girls face with her head side on for the silhouette and attempted to make the face but I didn’t like how it was turning out preferring the simplicity and imagining their faces are there, and so decided I liked the simplicity of the silhouette made form one piece of wire bent to shape like the drawing.

when I felt I had completed as much as I could on the first sculpture I then moved on to the next one.

Although I got the sculptures standing and they looked good I was disappointed that the Sculpture of Paige looked more like she was doing a headstand than a handstand so I wasn’t happy with it. I attempted to rectify this by strengthening the arms with more wire. I had a few problems along the way, while I was constructing the first sculpture I ran out of wire and so I had to wait for delivery of more wire. The wire that was delivered was slightly larger and heavier than the wire I had been using previous and it was really difficult to cut and twist. The bigger the sculptures became and the more wire was used and so the more difficult it was to spot weld. Some of the wire is twisted and knotted to add strength to the structure and keep it stable.

I believe that this was why the arms begun to bend and look like the sculpture of Paige was on her head also the knee’s of the standing sculpture Taylor begun to bend as well making her sculpture slightly shorter than she is in real life. I want their sculpture to look realistic in size so I decided to rectify all the problems by cutting off the legs and lengthening and strengthening them with the thicker wire.

I have done as much as I can at home and will need to make adjustments at college as I will need to transport them and find a way to make sure the sculptures are well balanced and won’t fall during the exhibition. I hope to have a low level plinth to stand them on but will see what it looks like when I have my exhibition space.



My Photobox Book

I thought as I had taken some lovely photographs and Manipulated some of them during my exploration and experimentation that I would put together a Photobook showing my journey towards my exhibition piece to exhibit for my FMP.

I came across

They had good reviews and the software appeared to be simple to use.

It sounded easy but unfortunately it was not as easy for me . I have had lots of trouble with some of the images as they were manipulated for screen and projection and not a great quality for print.  So after Three failed attempts of uploading the images to make the book I went to see Mandy who showed me how to change the images properly for print but explained that due to the Manipulation and size of some of the photographs it was unlikely that they would accept the quality for print in the size I was hoping for and if that was the case I could go and see her again.

I decided when some of the images failed that I would use the photographs that I hadn’t manipulated like the projections onto sculpture and the photoshoot of the girls for the larger images as they were all used in my Research and exploration. So I would create smaller boxes on the pages for the manipulated photographs to be accepted and this appeared to work for most of the images that I wanted to use. altogether There was only a couple of photographs I had to dismiss all together as they were manipulated photographs of projections on acetate and although they look beautiful on screen the system wouldn’t accept them for print as the quality wasn’t good enough.

Photobox book 1

To see the full photobook in Digital formation please click the link


Time Lapse Research

As I hope to use the photographic motion of Paige and Taylor doing a Handstand using manipulated images I thought it would be a good idea to checkout The Art of Time Lapse as I will need to speed up the images for their animation purpose and I am not quite sure how to do this yet although I have a rough idea. My tutor Jamie has said he can help me with this and the Audio.