National Saturday club exhibition 17/6/17

Today we had a day trip with Saturday club to London to view their work in the exhibition at Somerset house. We traveled by train at 8am and were home for 7.30pm. It was a long hot day but one enjoyed by all.  The visit included a presentation by Founder Sir John Sorrell and Lady Sorrell where all ambassador’s were also given a certificate for their contribution to the Saturday clubs. I got to meet him briefly where h handed me my certificate and said ‘without volunteers like me these Saturday clubs wouldn’t happen and thanked me’. I felt really privileged and humbled to have been able to help out and have had so much fun doing it. I hope to carry on helping out next year if possible. I have got so much out of it.

After the exhibition we went out side and in true spirit of the day and the end of another year for the Saturday club it was time to run around and get each other wet.

The Saturday club also had a chance to exhibit their work in our college exhibition and were given some art materials purchased with the money that was made during the festival of making .  I know my daughters are seriously thinking about what they want to do in the future and the Saturday club has helped to expand their options. They were blown away with the work they looked at in the exhibition.





Final major project completed for exhibition.

I had to hang up the rest of the fabric I purchased from York Market with the paper clip. and blackout the windows again using gaffer tape before I could setup my sculpture.

First of all we tried to see what the sculptures would look like in the main exhibition space and used some spotlights on it although it looked good I felt that the blacked out room would look better.

I also experimented further using my original sculpture’s in the space on a plinth. They looked good but I still wanted to try my larger sculptures.

I then moved the sculptures into the blacked out room I placed them on a black piece of material I had left over and then I felt they needed some height so I used the plinth and placed it on its side with the fabric.

I then had to find a way to secure the piece because although it stood up it couldn’t be left as it had fallen and it wouldn’t be a good idea to leave it to fall mid exhibition.

I approached Ollie who gave me a stapler but because of the weight and thickness of some of the wire the staples wouldn’t work. It was suggested that screws would work but I really didn’t want to use screws that could be seen and I felt they would be seen, so Ollie found some black screws that against the black fabric covered plinth couldn’t be seen so I was really happy with that. To further stabilise the sculpture I used fishing wire and paperclips securing from the top of the sculpture’s to the ceiling.  I am really happy with it so far but just have to wait in hope that everything is ok with the audio and visual projection.

I visited my exhibition piece on the day of the exhibition and the Audio had been set up and I was really happy with it but I felt their was still something lacking. I was mostly disappointed with the way the projector would not reach all of the sculpture and there was no way of enlarging it or moving it further back.

I went to see Brian I thought perhaps I could use a  second projector and project the same image underneath. ”Twin projections onto Twin sculptures’. Brian wasn’t sure this could be done and said he would bring another projector over to see if we can get a larger image onto the sculpture. I was disappointed but was pleased that there maybe another solution.  Brian came over and had decided to try to link the two projectors together as he realised that there is an output socket on the projector but couldn’t guarantee it would work as he had never done it before.  Lucky for me it did work and I was over the moon with the result.

I am so happy with what I have achieved for my FMP I don’t think I could have done anymore.






Affection without Limitation

My Project was always going to involve some form of Photography and 3D Sculpture as they are the Two mediums I respond to the most. The theme I selected to explore was the relations between identical Twins, their equality and diversity and their unconditional love for each other and unspoken ease of communication. I wanted to use my identical Twin daughters as this offered instant primary resource material. To initiate this, I used photocopies of old photographs from when the Twins were younger and took inspiration from my Initial Contextual references Hockney, Rauchenburg, Ostmo and Messager. I explored ways of transferring these photographs into sculptural outcomes, standing, layering and hanging these by constructing a small-scale model and producing a broad-based selection of images that incorporates the photographic and sculptural outcomes. On my Journey, I have been consistently evaluating, planning and providing evidence on my blog through images every evening. I explored Layering with Acetate and Digitally using Photoshop and other digital software apps.

I further researched Projection, Artists and Photographers which helped to inform me and inspire me further with my exploration. I came across Tony Oursler a projection artist. I was inspired by the way he distorts faces on his video projections by separately recording audio and closeups of the mouth and each eye and then stitching them together for projection. I liked the distortion and was inspired to not inhibit distortion the Twins images because they are my daughters. I planned informal photoshoots with the Twins to further my photography and 3D exploration.

Following a Tutorial which I had on a weekly basis, I researched Photographer Dianne Arbour and her famous photographs involving varied sets of Identical Twins and It helped to inform me of some direction for how I wanted the Twins to pose for the images and even tried to reconstruct a pose she had composed herself of identical twins faces next to each other with one twin side on and the other face on.

I further explored Projection of Images onto simple Forms such as pencilled silhouettes on card, Torn card, paper and cardboard tubing. I cast my whole face in Plaster and constructed cubes and projected further onto them using Digitally Manipulated and distorted images that I composed. When I cast my face, I had hoped to cast the Twins faces but I felt the experience would have been a bit distressing for them and I didn’t particularly enjoy the experience and chose to cast the Twins holding hands as they have done so naturally since they were little girls.

I researched and took further inspiration for my Digital Manipulation from Fine artist photographer’s Susan Hillar and James Welling mostly their use of layering digital photographs and the use of colour and distortion as I felt they provided a sense of mood and energy that I wanted to capture in my manipulated photographs to help inform the equality and diversity of the twins. I further constructed simple wire silhouettes of each of the Twins and investigated further projecting onto them with the Manipulated images changing the environment and projecting onto a dark background and in a dark room it was at this point that I felt most successful in my exploration. I produced some beautiful images that I felt captured everything I was trying to convey and so I sought feedback through posting the images on Facebook and my idea of what outcome I wanted for my exhibition piece changed from my initial idea.

To further inform the narrative in my work and help develop my ideas I constructed a list of Questions derived around various misconceptions about Twins and video interviewed them together, recording their responses and capturing their perspective, and unique relationship. I went on to take photographs of them in a relaxed but playful way and asked them to semi reconstruct the manoeuvre of the continuous circle video that was in the pool that inspired my subject in the first place. The newly gathered material prompted me to think about how I could use it and take it further but also how I could use the images I had gathered throughout my journey as I felt that most of the Processes, techniques and outcomes were successful. I decided to look at Photobooks as a possible presentation piece.

After much deliberation, I decided that along with the photobook I wanted to recreate the response from the projection on wire sculpture and make a life size sculpture of the Twins doing the handstand shown in the photoshoot photographs, incorporating the manipulated photographs, photographs of them from when they were younger and audio from the video interview of the Twins for my exhibition piece to convey the narrative.

I knew this wasn’t going to be an easy task as I have never made anything on this large a scale before. I would never have dreamed I could do something so complex when I commenced this unit but felt confident enough as my technique with wire has developed in a range of configurations from simple sculpture to structural sculpture. I was also aware that I had deviated from what I expected my outcome to be when I developed my concept proposal. If I had carried on further with the Francis Willi’eme and Oliver Herring concept then I don’t believe I would have had the same evolution and been content with my conclusions.




Reflection on my exhibition work so far.

I had an idea to manipulate the time lapse photographs of Paige and Taylor doing their handstand but only managed to manipulate two of them before the Audio and Video appointment with technician Brian so they couldn’t be used. I have watched and listened to the Audio and Video and I am trying to see if I can shorten it anymore for the Exhibition piece and change some of the photographs and move them around. I have a week to make notes and noting the time in the video to make it easier to pinpoint.

I still need to find a solution to the wire sculptures balancing problem and ensure they won’t fall during the exhibition.  I also need to see if the projection will work in the exhibition space on the sculptures as they are much larger than the pieces I used in my experimentation and also decide if they need a low level Plinth or not.

I still hope to experiment with different coloured spotlights on the sculptures and see what effect this has as I may change my mind again on how I want the end result to look.

I haven’t managed to get my exhibition up yet as time run out before half term but need to get back to it straight after.  I need to purchase black fabric over the holiday and strong Gaffer tape to block the light from the windows and hang around my exhibition space.

I am feeling very nervous now.  I am hoping that people will understand what I have tried to do and how much work has gone into my FMP exhibition piece. When I joined the Foundation Art and Design course I would never have thought I could execute something so complex. I am pleased with what I have achieved so far but until my exhibition piece is up and I am 100% happy with it I just can’t stop feeling anxious.


Preparing my exhibition space

Because I am hoping to project onto my wire sculptures as I did in my experimentation and need a dark space,  it was suggested that I have my own space in a room off the corridor for the greatest effect. I was given the Plaster room. Unfortunately this meant I have had to wait to be able to use the space as it was still being used by students all over college and the Saturday club. On the 25/5/17 I was finally allowed to transform the space into my exhibition space and this was going to be a difficult task. The room is full of equipment, dust, plaster and tables, with some help we stacked the tables and moved the furniture and plaster equipment to the sides and back of the room.  I then got on my hands and knees and broke the dried plaster with a hammer and scrubbed the dried plaster from the floor ready for the cleaners to use their polisher on the floor over the weekend.

because I want my room to be as dark as possible I blacked out the windows with cardboard and masking tape and was given some black Fabric to hang somehow and hide the stuff behind. I measured from floor to ceiling how long I would need the material.

Removing the ceiling tiles I had to find a way to hang the pieces of fabric. I thought I would try using paper clips as the fabric was easy to pierce.

When the fabric was put up next to each other it would separate so I used masking tape to hold it together. I don’t think this will be strong enough to hold it as the heat from the projector may cause it to unstick so I will need to purchase some Gaffer tape as this will be much stronger.

I need to purchase some more material. It was unfortunate that the Fabric only cut four lengths when I need six. The paper clips seemed to work so I am happy with that.

Photo book


Today my Photobook arrived in the post. I am so happy with it, it shows my Journey with the influences I took from some of the Artist I looked at and took inspiration from. Mostly I wanted to know what Paige and Taylor thought of the book. They think its good and they love how their Mum has based her FMP on their relationship together.

Audio and Video

I met with Brian the college technician at the editing suite at 10am so that we could go through the audio that I wanted to use for my FMP. The Video’s are stored on my You Tube channel. I had to sign in to you tube and then Brian used the You tube Link on a You tube Audio editor to down load them in to the Adobe Premiere Pro on the Mac computer in the suite. I explained how I wanted to capture Paige and Taylors point of view on what it is like to be Identical Twins but with my voice in it as little as possible so that it sounds like they are just talking about it rather than answering questions although this wasn’t always avoidable.

I have never seen or been involved in editing Audio or video before and it is something I wouldn’t mind knowing more about when I move on to my Degree although I am not technically minded and I do know from my research that lots of artists that use Media in their art work don’t necessarily do all the editing etc.. themselves and most will employ Technicians like Brian to do the work for them.  I directed Brian with every bit of the editing process and we cut the amount of Audio from Twenty nine minutes to 17 minutes. I wanted to use photographs that I had manipulated previously and had used before but also felt it was important to use the photographs of the girls when they were younger and from their photoshoots in the kitchen especially the Time lapsed Handstand that I based my wire sculpture on. I won’t know what the effect of using these photographs will be like in the exhibition space until it is all set up although I am prepared to make changes should I need to. I also want to explore further to see what it would look like using different lightbulbs in a spotlight including a red light and a black light.