National Saturday club exhibition 17/6/17

Today we had a day trip with Saturday club to London to view their work in the exhibition at Somerset house. We traveled by train at 8am and were home for 7.30pm. It was a long hot day but one enjoyed by all.  The visit included a presentation by Founder Sir John Sorrell and Lady Sorrell where all ambassador’s were also given a certificate for their contribution to the Saturday clubs. I got to meet him briefly where h handed me my certificate and said ‘without volunteers like me these Saturday clubs wouldn’t happen and thanked me’. I felt really privileged and humbled to have been able to help out and have had so much fun doing it. I hope to carry on helping out next year if possible. I have got so much out of it.

After the exhibition we went out side and in true spirit of the day and the end of another year for the Saturday club it was time to run around and get each other wet.

The Saturday club also had a chance to exhibit their work in our college exhibition and were given some art materials purchased with the money that was made during the festival of making .  I know my daughters are seriously thinking about what they want to do in the future and the Saturday club has helped to expand their options. They were blown away with the work they looked at in the exhibition.





Charles Hadcock Master class with Saturday club.

I had the chance to revisit the Charles Hadcock studio with the Saturday club.

Charles was very welcoming and  we got the chance to see his new pieces of work he had made since my last visit. They were amazing… Charles talked through the moulds and processes he uses and answered questions as we went a long. It was lovely to see the enthusiasm of the Saturday club, they really enjoyed it and he even engaged with them in selfies.

Costing my Fabric

Over the weekend I went to York to visit a friend and while I was there I managed to purchase 7 metres of Black cotton from the local market. I needed to purchase some fabric that was similar to the fabric I have already used in my exhibition space. and thought cotton should be fine.  The fabric came to £34.30 and was £4.90 a metre. I was lucky that the stall owner had just enough and the small piece that would have been left on the roll was given to me at no extra cost.  Unfortunately there wasn’t a receipt and I am yet to purchase gaffer tape.

Volunteering at the Prism Gallery

I was asked by one of the Degree tutors if I could help out at the Prism gallery for a small event. I thought that I should make the most of the opportunity to experience working in a gallery and for networking purposes. I was working alongside two degree students and it gave me the opportunity to ask what they were up to at the moment and how they were enjoying the degree it was also a great opportunity to see some work in the Gallery by local artists and tutors at Blackburn college and university.

Saturday club and the Festival of making.

Over the last few Saturdays I have Volunteered to help out with the Saturday Art club. I have assisted the young artists with making and designing coasters, Tie dyeing and printing for cushion covers and plaster casting of hands with Alginate. The Cushions etc.. that were dyed were placed on sale at the #festival of making and the shop was located at the Prism gallery.

At the #Festival of making the young artists got to try out some of the mini workshops and get involved with some making. They met with Hand embroidery artist Bella and got involved in some needlework.

They really enjoyed a mime/clown artist and his audience participated show.

We also watched the Blackburn College Fashion show.

It was a really good day, a lot of hard work had gone into organising it and I was quite proud to have played a small part in helping to bring it together with the volunteering at the Prism Gallery and helping out with the Saturday club.