Researching Presentation methods

I have been trying to find some Multimedia Artists that use projected Video and Audio in their Art work that I can Relate to so that it may help inform me of presentation Methods I can use.  I came across Joanne Lyons and she appears to use a dark room and a white curved screen to Project onto which is something I have been thinking about.

Joanne Lyons

Joanne Lyons’ diverse art practice includes drawing, painting, photography, video, and mixed-media installation. Lyons received a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Saskatchewan and continues to live and work in Saskatoon. She has exhibited nationally in solo and group shows, including a recent three-person exhibition at the Mendel Art Gallery, and her work can be found in both public and private collections. Delicate and ethereal, Lyons’ work focuses on the challenge of giving concrete expression to subjects that are often transient and intangible.

“I love the kinds of things that you can do with technology, especially the video projection, but sometimes I have to spend a lot of time learning how to do something in order to get what I want. I like figuring things out and…will spend inordinate amounts of time…[on] some difficult technical problem and then I think, this is kind of silly, I should be making art not figuring out these little problems, but I can’t get away from it because it’s part of what I do.


Pipilotti Rist

I decided to include Pipilotti in my Research as I like the way she uses projection to shine down on to a Table with Cutlery and plates. This has made me think about the positioning of the projector and what I might be able to achieve shining down onto the sculpture as a presentation method.

Pipilotti Rist, original first name Charlotte (born June 21, 1962, Grabs, Switz.), video installation artist known for her provocative, often humorous, but always stylish work. (The name Pipilotti is one of her own creation, a fusion of her nickname, Lotti, with that of the energetic, larger-than-life storybook heroine Pippi Longstocking in the eponymous work by Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren.)

Pipilotti Rist in conversation at her exhibition ‘I Packed The Postcard in My Suitcase’ at The Australian Centre for Contemporary Art. Pipilotti talks about her approaches to video and how she hopes people experience the show. She also explains her use of colour, speed and sound, her reflections on the museum as an experience, and how the development of digital video and new technologies has influenced her practice.





Time Lapse Research

As I hope to use the photographic motion of Paige and Taylor doing a Handstand using manipulated images I thought it would be a good idea to checkout The Art of Time Lapse as I will need to speed up the images for their animation purpose and I am not quite sure how to do this yet although I have a rough idea. My tutor Jamie has said he can help me with this and the Audio.